Published: 17 December 2019

​During the preparation of both Collingham and Linton Neighbourhood Plans, volume of traffic and speed of traffic was identified as the major contributor to poor quality of living in Collingham and Linton. The objectives for the period to 2029 describe reducing speed, mitigating congestion, improving highways and improving footpaths, bridleways and cycleways. Collingham with Linton Parish Council has little direct responsibility for highways, but spends much time and energy influencing Leeds City Council (LCC) officers in their planning and delivery of highway works in our area.
The Parish Council considers the following principles when discussing items with highway officers:
  1. Does the proposal bring a safety benefit to non-motorised users first – pedestrians, cyclists etc. This group are considered most at risk.
  2. Does the proposal encourage a reduction in speed of vehicles?
  3. Does the proposal reduce the ease by which through traffic can enter the built-up areas? This is essential if we are to discourage through traffic and in particular HGVs.

The replaced road markings on Harewood Road have generated some criticism of the Parish Council. The addition of a cycle lane uphill on Harewood Road has been an ambition of the Parish Council for many years. Highway Officers believe that the perception of a very wide carriageway as a result of the previous centre hatching contributed greatly to high speeds and so it was agreed the centre hatching would be narrowed and a cycle lane provided.

The absence or reduction in width of right turn lanes brings a safety benefit, in that right turning vehicles from time to time, now result in following traffic having to stop and wait for the turning movement to be completed. This might seem counterintuitive as a benefit but will have a great impact on the speed of traffic and overall results in a much safer arrangement than before, when vehicles frequently were driven over the centre hatching to overtake, resulting in several near miss collisions. Whilst there may at times be some inconvenience, overall the speed will be reduced and the attraction to through traffic will be reduced.

We will continue to bear these principles in mind when major highway works are planned, for example the design of the access to the Leeds Road housing site, amendments to the Old Star and Wattle Syke Junctions, including traffic signals and provision of gateway features at Kiln Hill Main Street Linton.