Speeding signs on the A58

Published: 04 October 2021

For many years the residents of Collingham have expressed frustration at the volume and speed of traffic passing through the village. Regularly our speed indication devices have clocked vehicles travelling in excess of 80mph in our 30mph zones. One of the dangerous sections of road is the A58 on the Leeds side of the village centre. We have argued for years that the statutory signing rules meaning 30mph repeater signs are not allowed in street lit areas are ridiculous in this setting. One size does not fit all. The A58 has dense trees and hedges, the lamp columns are well hidden and in day-light hours they are un-noticeable. The solution is regular warning signs at ground level.

You would think this a simple solution to a serious problem and indeed practically it would be. However such signs are illegal and to place them on the public highway could result in prosecution and fines. Leeds City Council have provided some statutory signs, but these are small and also hidden by the vegetation. Leeds has powers to enforce the cutting back of vegetation so that signs are visible, but due to a shortage of resources these powers appear to be seldom used. Therefore residents should take responsibility and where their vegetation does overhang the highway ensure it is cut back so the signs are visible. You never know this action may prevent a tragic accident.