Miller Homes - Enabling Works on Leeds Road

Published: 22 April 2022

 We have been advised Miller Homes will be continuing enabling works on the Leeds Road site from 3rd May. The works will include:

  • Creating a Temporary Construction Access over Collingham Beck from Leeds Road
  • Tree Protection fencing and any site security fencing once the above temp access is installed.
  • Surface Water Management/Pollution Prevention Works – to protect Collingham Beck. This involves earthworks parallel to the south of the proposed compensation area and development platform to manage surface water run-off.

 They also intend following these enabling works with the larger permanent earthworks exercise to create the western compensation area and development platform along with road and sewer construction. Access will be from A58. Environment Agency consent has been obtained for this work.

 During the work there will no doubt be an increased risk of pollution incidents and we would be most grateful if residents could notify Councillor Ryan Stephenson of any potential incidents at the earliest opportunity.