Multi Purpose Games Area (MUGA)

Published: 12 October 2021

MUGA Planning application

1.Two support comments have been submitted.

2. Fourteen objection comments have been submitted. Three of these back directly on to the site, many others are further south on Millbeck Green, one is a neighbour across Harewood Road.

3. The principle of objections are listed below together with a commentary:

Objection Commentary

Poor Consultation

Consultation on this matter started in June 2004 in preparation for the Village Plan and Village Design Statement. Page 30 of the Parish Plan has a short section describing possible facilities for Young People: · Jaks’ style coffee bar · Skateboard park and dirt jump for bikes The 2012 village questionnaire reiterated lack of facilities for young people as a concern and the resulting Neighbourhood Plan included a project to improve Collingham’s Sport and Leisure Facilities. A sub-group of the Parish Council was established in 2018 to investigate what young people actually would like and support. This group consulted with Year 6 at Collingham Primary School, The Guides and The Scouts. The conclusion was overwhelming support for a Multi-user Games Area. This proposal was costed and deemed viable and therefore included together with other options within the Village Survey of 2021. (Note this was delayed by 12 months due to Covid). The conclusion was that the respondents were in favour, with almost 3 times as many supporting the MuGa compared with leave as is. The number of respondents at 591 is deemed statistically significant. Recognising there is an impact on immediate neighbours they were all spoken to in advance of the application and advised how to object. The scouts and Guides were also advised. Impact on the community bonfire was discussed and it was recognised a bonfire would not take place 2021. The Parish Council are no longer supportive of this bur will help the Scouts identify a site within the village if possible. Following the application we notified the community by Facebook, website, and minutes.

Reduced opportunity to play

The area to play remains the same, just part is enclosed. We do not agree the enclosed space will result in less use of the space. On the contrary it will result in more use. Games both inside and outside the MuGA will remain possible, and re-locating the outdoor gym equipment will free important space immediately adjacent to the playground.

Impact on Green Space

The site is currently a grassed area with minimal ecological benefit. The proposed use is similar to existing but enhanced. The impact on Green Space is purely visual and this is mitigated by design, and can be further mitigated by some careful planting. The Parish Council remain committed to enhancing our Green Spaces including Linton Village Green, Beck Wood, The Glebe Field and Bishopdale Copse. Much of our effort and resources have been in opening access to these for the leisure use of our residents.


The proposals will have negligible impact on flooding being outside the flood risk area and being of porous asphalt construction which will allow rain water to infiltrate. Again the Parish Council remains committed to reducing the risk of flooding to all our residents, and is working closely with The Environment Agency and Leeds Flood Risk Management to do so.


The MuGA will remain unlit and therefore is very unlikely to be used after dark. There will be some noise inevitably, but this will mostly be a nuisance in summer, when other noisy activities will be on-going, such as cricket and general play. The benefits of the MuGA would out-weigh the noise impact. It is not possible to locate the MuGA 30m away from property as requested within the objections.

Anti-social behaviour

This is a risk, as it is at the play-ground. This is not considered a great risk and will be dealt with through appropriate services should it materialise.


Yes this will be the most expensive project undertaken by the Parish Council. The claims this will cost £140k are exaggerated, but the cost is likely to be 50% of this. The Village Survey listed a number of projects that it considers appropriate to finance through Community Infrastructure Levy funds which come following development. This project is ear-marked to receive some of these funds. There will be no impact on resident’s Council Tax for the construction, but there will be on-going maintenance costs. These are anticipated to be generally small, and the area still needs maintaining should the development not take place.

4. In conclusion the Parish Council recognises the concerns of the small number of residents immediately impacted by the proposed MuGA but feels the benefit to the community out-weighs these impacts. On balance therefore, we believe the project should go ahead.

Please see drawing of proposed MUGA in the link below.

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