Leeds Road Development Approved.

Published: 22 December 2021

Leeds City Council has approved the Reserved Matters Application for 129 new houses adjacent to Leeds Road. There remain many conditions to resolve including:

  1. Details of the bridge and access over Collingham Beck.
  2. Details of landscaping measures including street lighting.
  3. Approval of materials.
  4. Methods of Construction and Location of Compounds.
  5. Works to commence by 21st December 2023.

We will work closely with our Ward Councillors to ensures these Conditions are appropriately met and ultimately provide the best development possible given the form of the approved design. Furthermore, removal of permitted development rights should help preserve the appearance of the development for posterity.

We understand the frustration this will cause many of our residents, particularly those neighbouring the site and thank you all for your objections to the many design iterations.